“I  just wanted to say a massive thank you for teaching me over the past seven years.  You’ve really helped me boost my confidence as a performer, and in general life.  I’ve learned loads and enjoyed every second of it!”

Rosanna Haigh (private letter quoted with permission)

When I’m not gigging, I teach at the Music Spot in Lancaster, as well as doing freelance work in schools.  I offer tuition in singing, piano (beginner to intermediate classical, and pop), music theory and ukulele.

I’ve taught various things, including music, almost all my adult life and I love passing on skills and information.  My approach is tailored to the student. We initially focus on the music you want to play or sing, and I then recommend other material which I think is right for you.  Above all I try to make it fun, friendly and suitably paced.  My students range from primary school to pensioner age.

I can teach you to read dots (formal notation) if you’d like, but I’m not obsessed with it as the only way of doing things.  I am however, pretty obsessed about creating singers who are also knowledgable musicians not karaoke performers.  And about creating musicians who understand what they’re doing and why and are not dot-playing machines.

I have various certificates to prove my competence in these and other skills and you can ask me about that if you want to know more.

My students tend to stay with me for a long time, and I get more requests for teaching than I can handle, so I’m happy to see if I can find a slot for you, or put you on my waiting list, but I can’t promise.  Contact me if you want to know more.  Or talk to the Music Spot directly.  If I’ve not got any vacancies, they have other very fine teachers who may have.