Links and Thanks

I’m very grateful to

  • Everyone who comes to my gigs and supports me.  I can’t do it without you!
  • The amazing musicians who work with me, and inspire me.  Too many to list here, but you’ll find current collaborators on my gigs list.  I can’t do it without them, either.
  • My students, who prompt me to think hard about music and how to explain it.  Who often gladden my heart as they explore their own talents.  And who sometimes lead me to new songs I wouldn’t have found otherwise.
  • The venues and promoters who hire me, especially the following:

The Plaza, Stockport 

North Wales Jazz Club

Hornby Village Institute

  • The Gillow Ukuleleans, who I spent several years having  fun with, and for whom there is now a dedicated website:  Gillow Ukuleleans
  • Rachel Rigg for her patient and dedicated support in helping me to set this site up in the first place and then transfer it across to where it lives, at Squirrel Hosting.
  • And the following enthusiasts and technical wizards who provided support and images to help me build this site.  The text is entirely my fault.

Graham Binns Photography

Fred Burnett