Maybe You'll Be There?

Goodness.  Halfway through April already….
But that’s okay, because nice things coming up soon include a return visit to Zeffirellis in Ambleside with Ed Harrison and his trio colleagues Robin Joiner and Hugh Lawrence on Saturday 14th May.  And, by way of a contrast, I’ll be live on the airwaves on my tod, when I do a solo guest performance on Radio Lancashire the day before.  More details of all of these, and lots of other things now up on the gigs page.  It would be great to see you at any of these if you’re free.

I’m pleased to say that this year’s solo performance at Lancaster’s astonishingly beautiful Ashton Memorial raised a thousand pounds (exact total awaited)  for the Friends of Williamson Park, as well as being a lot of fun.  There’s a nice video of last year’s gig here or you can find a shorter version on You tube if you’re pushed for time…,  which will give you an idea of the atmosphere….

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