Wednesday is the New Friday…

Nearly at the turning of the year, thank heavens.  And I’m starting to think about new projects, which I’ll share more of in January.  In the meantime, I’m pleased to be doing a final run of local gigs at the Robert Gillow, including a gig with the wonderful Andrzej Baranek and Ed Harrison on Tuesday 15th December.

And also a shift to a new mid-week spot on Wednesdays from 5pm – 7.30pm:

I’ve played the piano at Lancaster’s Robert Gillow pub every Friday for several years now, and have really enjoyed having a regular work-out at the keys.  The sessions have been increasingly well-attended by end-of-the week relaxing folk, which I’ve been glad about.  But I’m now really enjoying singing as well as playing, and it seems sensible to do that in a slightly more gentle atmosphere than the occasionally boisterous Fridays.   So I’m taking on the Wednesday slot at the pub (again from  5 to 7.30) instead, and will be at the keys and microphone there every week from now on.  It would be lovely to have your company, whether you want to listen or just unwind with a book, a friend, a coffee, a beer or a treble gin and tonic depending on how your week is going!

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